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    Dry and very warm conditions trigger bushfires
    Monday, 29 October 2001

    As a result of the low rainfall in recent weeks and the high levels of evaporation due to the dry and windy conditions, bushfires started in a widespread area in north east NSW. The winds in the Lower Hunter were averaging 30kts from the WNW direction, relative humidity was only 10% and the max temps were mostly around 33C. These conditions allowed rapid evaporation of an already drying ground. Fires flared up in a number of places across the Lower Hunter including the Cessnock area, Singleton, Paterson, Myall Lakes, Lake Macquarie and the Central Coast. Despite the concern, no homes were lost as a result of the fires. 

    The very dry conditions that were experienced in the Hunter were the driest in the recent few years. The fire danger in the Lower Hunter was higher then that in the Upper Hunter due to the stronger winds, lower humidity and the lack of rain. The lower humidity and the stronger winds were due the funneling effect of the winds down the main valley of the Hunter. 


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