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    Sea Fog smothers parts of Newcastle
    Tuesday, 27 February 2001

    With relative humidity over 90% and temperatures of around 25C, added to the development of a sea fog in parts of Newcastle today. Sea fog is regarded as very rare and is usually formed when humidity levels are high combined with an onshore wind or sea breeze that blows over a cool sea surface.  The sea fog developed during the early afternoon. At 3 pm, the temperature at Nobbys was 25.5C with a humidity of 96% and the winds blew from the ENE. The fog was very localised and formed only on the coast such as Nobbys.

    This kind of fog is rare in many parts of Australia. They occur frequently in areas in northern California, USA and the west coast of South America. They occur in these regions due to the cool sea temperatures, high humidity and prevailing onshore winds, although the air temperatures are usually cooler to what was experienced in Newcastle.


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