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    Current Weather & Forecasts


    Hourly Data from NSW AWS for the last 72hrs (BoM)

    Latest Weather Observations for Sydney (BoM) - includes Williamtown and Nobbys Head

    Weather Observations for NE NSW (BoM)
    NSW Met Observations (BoM)
    NSW 9am Weather Bulletin (BoM)
    NSW 3pm Weather Bulletin (BoM)
    NSW Daily Rain Bulletin (BoM)
    NSW Weekly Rain Bulletin (BoM)
    NSW River Observations (BoM)
    NSW River Height Bulletin (BoM)

    Daily Weather Observations for NSW

    Current conditions recorded by home weather stations:

    Real time Rainfall and River Conditions for the Mid North Coast (includes Hunter), provided by the Bureau of Meteorology, Hydrological Service section. 

    The following data is provided by Weather Underground. They include brief forecasts as well as current observations. Other towns and cities from NSW can be found by going to the main menu for NSW.
        Jerrys Plains


    Long & Medium Range

    All long range season forecasts issued by the Bureau of Meteorology can be found by going to this page. The links below take you directly to the rainfall and temperature outlooks.

    3 Month Rainfall Outlook

    [Archives of Previous Seasonal Rainfall Outlooks]

    3 Month Temperature Outlook

        - Archives of Previous Seasonal Temperature Outlooks

    10 day forecast of Temperature | Precipitation | Soil Moisture for Australia, based upon the US Medium Range Forecasting model of COLA. It is updated daily at around 10 to 11 pm eastern local time. 


    Weather Forecasts by the Bureau of Meteorology

    Hunter Weather Forecast by Weatherzone. It contains 7 day forecasts for each locality.

    Hunter Weather Forecast produced by The Weather Company for Elders Insurance. Similar format to the Weatherzone forecasts (see above).

    ABC Weather (Newcastle) - contains seven day forecasts.

    Newcastle Forecast by Yahoo!

     Newcastle Forecast by The Weather Channel

    Lightning Tracker & Radar

    Storm Tracker for NSW supplied by GPATS for Country Energy.

    Radar images are available from the Bureau of Meteorology website free of charge. 

    Click to enlarge

    Newcastle: 128km | 256km

    Satellite Images

    Australian Infrared (BoM)
  • Latest IR
  • Latest IR Loop
  • Latest IR Colour
  • Latest IR Colour Loop
  • Australian Visible (BoM)
    Archives for both Infrared & Visible


    Latest MSL Analysis (BoM)

    Click to enlarge

    [MSL Analysis archives (BoM)]

    Forecast MSL 00 UTC (BoM)
    Forecast MSL 12 UTC LAPS (BoM)
    4 Day forecast charts (BoM) also available in black & white

    Vertical Temperature & Wind Profiles (BoM)
    Username: bomw0007
    Password: aviation

    Atmospheric Soundings from the University of Wyoming (USA). Williamtown is the only site in the Hunter that provides soundings. Type in YSWM to retrieve data from Williamtown. A good description of the terms can be found in the Explanation of Plots page.

    Refer to the Australian Severe Weather - Weather Charts and The Weather Company's Weatherzone for an extensive range of links to many charts and models.

    Sea Surface Temperatures & Southern Oscillation Index

    NSW coast Sea Surface Temperatures (Satellite) from Manly Hydraulics Laboratory, which is based upon raw data provided by the CSIRO Marine Research Remote Sensing Project. Areas of white usually indicate areas that are not visible to satellite, which is often caused by cloud cover. 

    Global Sea Surface Temperatures (BoM) | Mean | Anomaly |

    SOI graph (BoM) for the past five years

    SOI Archives - 1876 to present (BoM)

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